Are you looking for something a bit different from the norm? Fed up showcasing or even turning up to the same mundane event throughout the year? With the help of LD Events, we can make your night a little bit more interesting, in more ways than one, with our corporate and charity “Race nights.”

If you haven’t heard of our popular race nights before, essentially, participants stake money on the outcome of recorded or virtual races, where the selection is totally dependent on chance, and where no “odds” or “form” are available to assist the selection.

Our race nights are organised and cater to many clients who wish to experience a totally new event. This often works well for charity purposes, raising money for good causes that LD Events love to support.

The LD Events Race Nights can help with all types of fundraising:

  • Every type of Sports Club, Team and Association
  • All Charity organisations
  • Scouts and Guides Clubs
  • Enthusiast Groups
  • Schools and PTA’s
  • Rotary Clubs, Lyons, Probus & WI

So, how does it all work…

How much does it cost and what’s included?
LD Events race nights start at £300 (no VAT). this includes 8 races, PA, an MC/host, 9th auction race, computerised tote system, pre-sell sheet, poster. We will bring all the necessary equipment, projector screen, projector, small PA, music, races, race cards and tote tickets and of course LD Events compère the whole evening.

What do you need to do?
You will need to supply a prize for each winning owner and/or trainer for each race, and if possible, but not completely necessary 1 or 2 people to run the tote.

How much could you raise?
On previous nights where we have had an audience of around 80 to 150 people, we have managed to raise between £1000 and £2000, based on the whole pre-sell sheet being sold. We have been known to raise in excess of £5000!

What is the pre-sell sheet?
Before the event begins, LD Events will send you a pre-sheet to fill in. This shows all 8 runners in all 8 races. You will need to sell as many owners and trainers as you can prior to the event (we can sell the remainder on the night) We recommend pricing these between £2 and £5. Even before the event gets underway, you may have already raised £320, £256 or £384. In addition, you can also sell sponsorship at £10 or £20 per race raising a further £80 or £160.

As a general principle, “race nights” may only take place at non-commercial events where none of the proceeds from the event itself are used for private gain. For these purposes, the proceeds of an event constitute the sums raised by its organisers (including sums raised by way of participation fees, sponsorship, commission from traders, or otherwise) minus the costs reasonably incurred in organising the event.

To find out more about our terms and conditions, as well as any further information into our Race Nights, you can do so here. Alternatively, you can contact LD Events on 07593 659 323 or email and we endeavour to get back to your enquiry quickly.