Within the corporate event sector LD Events will take care of all your event planning needs, from the set up to the running of your event.

Operating across the UK, focussing on Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and inner London, LD Events have formed long-term relationships with returning clients. Particularly those who have employed LD Founder, Andrew to run their charity race nights, corporate events and private functions. 

We help you build your event from the ground up. LD Events has delivered events to a wide range of clients looking for the ultimate experience!

From corporate event functions to private parties, we help you find the event schedule that works for you. 




Our events are bespoke and designed with you in mind every step of the way. You can be assured an exclusive service is met, tapping into all your required needs. This ensures that customer service of the highest possible standard is guaranteed every event we undertake from start to finish. 

LD Events will always ensure that your special event runs smoothly and at a very competitive rate. 

It’s time to get in touch today and get your special event off and running!

Who is Andrew Lake?

LD Events Owner.

Andrew spent his early years playing Lead Trumpet in the West Sussex Youth Orchestra and Concert Band. During college he moved into Jazz, Soul, Funk and Rock bands. This is where he began to manage the sound for bands in the Horsham area of Sussex and local theatre productions. During the 90’s he progressed into the role of Production Manager onboard cruise ships primarily the Cunard fleet, providing Sound & Lighting design, organising and running all TV production and cabin distribution. He has always been a part the audio-visual sector and has remained current with technical advances as they have reached the market.
With a good few years in business development, he has gained the commercial and management skills to be able to put this together into a winning business formula. He brings together a unique combination of technical and commercial to be able to deliver the complete package for a diverse range of applications covering everything from commercial conference settings to outdoor, complex and multi-venue events. Andrews’ experience as a Musician, Event Manager and Sound Engineer gives him a broad knowledge base which enables him to deliver professionally across the entertainment, musical and commercial sectors. He is able to adjust to communicate well at all levels and establish requirements in detail, in order to deliver the event vision as well a great sound.

Being part of the Event Management Sector we have access to a wide range of leading entertainers. Click here to find out more.